Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions to be strictly observed by;termscondition

  1. The Owner or Negotiator will deposit an amount to the company as security,
  2. Within 24 hours from the date of deposition company will send tester / metallurgist to the spot for testing the articles in free hand,
  3. The bond issued by the will come in to force since the time of reaching the spot of the tester and the same will stay valid for hours,
  4. If the Owner or Negotiator fail to present the material or article on due date and time or after testing if the material comes in to negative, the deposition.
  5. After testing the article if it is found OK then the tester will tell the company and the company will pay a sum of “Gift Money” within some hours if the spot situates at the Metropolitan City other then that the side amount to be paid within a day.
  6. All those payment to be made by the company through any Bank in Bangladesh.
  7. After first payment the article will stay under the joint custody of both the parties.
  8. To the continuance of payment the party will furnish ten copies of stamp size photography, voter identity card, residential certificate, etc. for opening I.T. File Bank Account.
  9. The liquid amount as demanded by the owner to be paid by the company as per direction of the owner.
  10. The company reserves the right to make addition of the terms from time to time as and when necessary.
  11. The company reserves the right to refuse to buy an item with the following properties if they suspect any humanly induced function,


The Negotiator i.e. who will deposit the security money will reward by the company if the deal is purely completed as under;

  1. Private Cars (as per choice of the party)
  2. Flat within the Bangladesh (as per choice)
  3. Bank credit card and maybe additional US Green Card

In all other matters not specially mentioned herein-before the provision of complains Act, shall apply Mutatis-Mutandis.