About Rice Puller Coin & Antique


Rice Pulling (radiant iridium power) in simple terms is any item which attracts or pulls (like a magnet attracts iron particles) is called a Rice Puller. These are rare and impossible to find.

As per the best obtainable knowledge now Iridium is made in to an alloy with Platinum which is used in high tension electrical.

RP is actually bought for its Para magnetism. What it does is it attracts hydrogen that’s why it pulls rice. Rice is made of hydro carbons. When it pulls it makes rice go black (brownish) it pulls all hydrogen and leaves carbon behind carbon is black (brownish).

Rice having Negative Charge (Which are having excess electrons) and the Rice-Pulling material which would be “POSITIVELY CHARGED METAL” and as per simple Atomic theory, Positively charged body definitely attracts negatively charged bodies, attracted rice with RP won’t attract together in lieu they repelled together because of same charge. And when you bring them close to “non-tested rice”, these positively charged Rice attracted non-tested rice which was having negative charge.

What is a Rice Puller?

Well, in simple terms, any item which attracts (or pulls) ‘rice’ (like a magnet attracts iron particles) is called a Rice Puller. These are rare and very difficult to find.

Can you give examples of Rice Pullers?

Yes! We assume Rice Pulling properties are mostly found in copper items like coins, vessels, plates, rods, tumblers (glass), bowls (katori), pots, etc.

More examples: wood, stones, gold, silver, iron, trees, tamarind pulp, doors, pillars, etc.

Where are Rice Pullers found?

Rice Pullers have mostly been reported to have been found in villages, in remote areas, sometimes buried under houses, fields etc..

What are the tests required to check a Rice Puller?

It is very important to check whether an item is a genuine Rice Puller or not. Go to Test.RicePuller.com and perform all the tests. If the item passes all the tests, then it might be a genuine Rice Puller.

Uses of rice pullers

  1. Iridium tri-chloride as a catalyst used in propellers engines of rockets as a hydrazine,
  2. Iridium isotope IR192 is used in cancer treatments & not in electricity manufacturing,
  3. Iridium salts give strong colors,


  1. Iridium can be used to convert Sun light in to chemical energy like photosynthesis,
  2. Iridium available in the universe is two parts per billion and they are considerable in different planets & meteors.

Tests for rice pulling

We can buy an item which purports to display natural (not manmade & not artificially made) properties mentioned below.

We reserve the right to refuse to purchase an item with the following properties if we suspect any humanly induced function.

The following knowledge is true to the best of our knowledge & belief;

  1. Item this purports to display natural (not synthetic & not artificially made) properties mentioned below,
  2. Let the Item come to normal room temperature before you begin to test it,
  3. Take a plastic torch running on 2 leakproof pencil cells (having metal casing), which has an incandescent (filament) bulb. Remove its front glass and switch it on and hold it at a distance of about half inch from the Item. Keep another similar plastic torch about 5 to 10 feet away from the Item. Switch on both the torches together,
  4. Note the time taken for the torch light (near the Item) to be completely dimmed. If it is happening in just a few minutes, then it is good. Also note that the light of the other Torch is still bright or not,
  5. If the light of any torch flickers (blinks) that means there is loose connection inside the torch. Shake the torch till the light is stable and continue with the test,
  6. If the light of the torch placed near the Item goes very dim quickly, switch it off and switch it on after about 2 minutes. If the light remains low (dim), then Torch Test is successful.

Test and Packing

  1. If rice does not stick, does not change color and also does not become powder, add one more final layer of packing material + carbon papers + plastic sheet + white tape + tare tube,
  2. Finally put it in a box,
  3. We also recommend doing the Torch Test on your packing,
  4. Now it is ready to store / carry,


Despite the above, we advise you, never carry the packed RP in an airplane / airplane / train.

A Rice Puller is ‘anti-electricity.’ Rice Pullers interfere with electronic & electrical items. It is very important to protect electronic & electrical items from Rice Pullers.

Rice Pullers have a radiation which ‘may’ harm a person and follow the simple steps to safely pack and store your RP.