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GrandBazaar-6We procure and sell high purity elemental metals, mostly as one troy ounce ingots. We offering theworld’s most rare metals that heretofore were unavailable to the public. We have accomplished that and now have shifted our focus to offering rare rice puller coins & all of the metallic elements that aren’t radioactive, overtly toxic, or already widely not available. Our current product line includes rice puller Coins. Copper iridium coins are very magical. They will stop a bus when carried in it (stop ignition), but when wrapped in carbon papers the bus starts again. A candle flame bends towards this coin. When rice is brought near this it attracts rice. There is a small device in Germany which is about 1 million dollars and it absorbs this power from the coin there is one more coin called 1616, 1839 it has three magical points when plucked power in entire area is lost. 0.1 million dollar chemicals are used to test this coin near sea shore and these coins are very costly. We spend millions of dollars a year purchasing collections, accumulations and estates. We are always top buyers of coins, scrap gold, currency, stamps and many other collectibles. Details are given in a program in DISCOVERY CHANNE.

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